blog_oliviMy wife and I are lucky enough to live on a hill that overlooks my native city, Florence, yet we are surrounded by olive groves, woods and woodland animals.

It’s a place that bears testament to my passion and profession: as an architect-designer, I have made a number of the somewhat quirky pieces of furniture that stand in our home alongside our older, antique pieces and artworks by artist friends.

elaborataThe kitchen, in its colourful De Stijl style, is the heart of our home, with a large island worktop that is ideal for people to work with each other, and for group cooking classes.

blog_classHere, or when it’s warm enough to be outside in the shade of our large cypress tree, or to enjoy the evening breezes, is where I share my love for cooking by organising themed social eating events. These are great for meeting people, perhaps making new friends, and sharing a delightful few hours discovering new flavours and stories in a relaxed, informal, convivial atmosphere. I am also happy to offer my services as a private chef wherever I am needed, creating a menu tailored to any event.

blog_cenaFor all brunches, lunches and dinners I always try to use organic products grown and raised in the immediate vicinity, or made at home, like our naturally raised bread – because for me, nutrition and taste are paramount.

Indeed, with roots in my native Tuscan, Mediterranean and Italian traditions, my cooking is a constant creative endeavour: I love to research and try out new tastes and colours, whether it is desserts, meat, poultry, or my personal favourite, fish, which often features in my recipes, especially the tasty, healthy pelagic species that come from Tuscany’s seas.

To receive a tailored proposal for cooking classes, a social eating event, or for private events, contact: Fabio Kamp,